Brightest Yellow Flowers Plants to grow in an Indian Garden

Yellow Flowers Plants
Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden

Namaskar Desi Gardeners. One of the brightest and happiest flowers is Yellow Flowers Plants. Luckily there are several plants in India that have yellow flowers. The best part is, you can have the colour through all the seasons. so are you ready to learn to Brightest Plant Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden please follow the below article

Brightest Yellow Flowers for your Winter Garden
Yellow Stunners for your Summer Garden
Perennials with Yellow Blooms

Brightest Beautiful Yellow Flowers Plants for your Winter Garden 


Season: Winter

Genda or Marigold is one of the most popular Beautiful Yellow Flowers Plants in Indian homes. In the garden, it is usually grown in the winter season. Genda is not only known for its bright yellow flowers but also its other shades. The orange and deep red genda are great combinations to grow with the yellow ones.

You can get many varieties of marigold, like the Inca which has the biggest blooms. The desi variety has smaller blooms but with some care it will flower till summer and even survive for the next years. Marigold plants have several medicinal properties and will also repel mosquitoes from your home and garden.


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Season: Winter

Yellow Flowers Plants

Calendula is another plant with beautiful yellow flowers best suited for winters in India. These are annual plants but you can collect the seeds from the dried flowers to plant again. An easy way to grow it is to get saplings from the nursery and plant in October.
Calendula are valuable plants in traditional medicine and Ayurveda.

Yellow Flowers Rose

Season: Best in winter, may flower throughout the year

The Yellow Flowers Rose will win over anyone. The beauty of a rose and the cheerfulness of the yellow hue is a perfect match.

Roses are available in hybrid and desi varieties. For bigger blooms and ideal for pots, go for good quality hybrid grafted roses. Rose plants bloom best in winters till March. If you take a little more care, it can also give you some blooms throughout the year.


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Season: Winter

Gazanias are like the sunflowers of the winter. Bright and cheerful, even a single flower dominates attracts all the attention.
Gazanias come in full yellow to yellow combined with shades of brown, white, pink and maroon. They need little care and keep on blooming till April.


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Season: Winter

Daffodils are some of the most popular yellow flowers in the world. Plant daffodils in rows. The deep green foliage contrasts the beautiful yellow flowers.

Daffodil bulbs may not be easily available in our local plant shops but are commonly available in online nurseries. Like regular winter bulbs, plant them in a compost rich soil during the start of winters. It can take about one to four months frok sprouting to blooming depending on the bulb and your weather.

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden daffodil


Season: Winter

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden tulip

Along with daffodils, gorgeous yellow tulips can also be grown in the winter season in India. It comes in full yellow; and yellow with other shades in edges and patterns. Many hybrid varieties of tulip bulbs are available in the online nurseries. Very few local nurseries keep a stock of tulip bulbs and even if you get it, make sure you get good quality ones.

From my experience I can say that Tulips need time to sprout, so plant the bulbs in October to get them flowering by end of winter.


Season: Winter

Chrysanthemums are the staple winter flowers in Indian gardens. These come in hundreds of shades. The yellow variety is quite common and you should get it easily in the nurseries.
Chryanthemums, once they bloom, stay for a long time. These are easy to grow plants. Just protect them from too much rain and regularly apply neem cake powder and fungicide.

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden dahlia


Season: Winter

Dahlias can become the rulers of the garden. Imagine having a huge yellow dahlia blooming! It will attract bees, butterflies and people, all alike.


Season: Winter

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden freesia

Freesias are gorgeous little flowers. Multiple flowers bloom in a single stem. Freesia has small bulbs that gives out grass like leaves. These come in various colours in single and double petal variety. Go for the yellow freesias which look gorgeous. You can also combine it with other colours like pink and orange.

Asiatic Lily

Season: Winter, Autumn

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden asiatic lily

The yellow bloom of an Asiatic lily is a show-stopper. Asiatic lilies are very easy to grow. Just get a few bulbs and plant it during October to November. In a single plant, you can have one to multiple flowers that will bloom during the winter.

Get good quality bulbs. Although all the colours of Asiatic lily are equally gorgeous, make sure to try the yellow ones for your garden.

Oriental Lily

Season: Winter, Autumn

Oriental lilies usually flowers in late winter. Its blooms come after the Asiatics have finished blooming.
These have big, bright flowers that look similar to Asiatic lilies. Oriental lilies are quite fragrant and have bigger flowers.


Season: Winter, Autumn

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden gladiolus

Gladiolus can be one of the most catchy yellow flowers for your garden. You must have seen gladioli in the bouquets and now it is time to grow one yourself.
Gladiolus grows from bulbs and comes in various shades. Get good quality bulbs with yellow blooms.

Yellow Cosmos

Season: Winter

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden cosmos

Yellow Cosmos is a very pretty flower. It is double petalled unlike the regular cosmos. Its nectar attracts bees and butterflies. Cosmos are easy going plants. Apart from protecting from diseases, these require very basic care like regular fertilizing and watering.
Yellow cosmos is also called Sulphur Cosmos; it comes in yellow and bright orange.


Season: Winter

Ranunculus can be tricky to plant but once it blooms, it will be worth the toil. Ranunculus are one of the most beautiful flowers ever.
These comes in various single shades. Get the one with yellow flowers. You will surely love it.

Yellow Azalea & Rhododendron

Season: Winter

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden Azalea

Azalea and rhododendrons are closely related and come from the same regions of the lower Himalayas. Yellow azaleas are difficult to get and even more difficult to maintain in warmer regions of India. But with some knowedge and practice, it can be done.


Season: Winter

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden crocus

Crocus flowers are beautiful flowers that are more adapted to the colder regions. With some care, it is possible to grow in pots in the relatively cooler weather.  The Saffron is a common crocus plant that we know in India. The yellow crocus will surely be a treasure of your garden.

Yellow Stunners for your Summer Garden 


Season: Summer, autumn

Mandevilla is a fast growing climber. It needs regular watering and does well in nutrient rich soil. In the warmer weather, it blooms heavily.
Mandevilla is one of easiest yellow-flowering plant you can have in your garden. It also comes in shades of white and red.


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Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden Allamanda


Season: Summer

Alamanda is very similar to Mandevilla. It is also a climber and has bright yellow flowers that bloom best in the summer time.




Season: Summer, some varieties bloom in winter

Sunflowers are the kings of summer. If you are planning to grow sunflower know that it comes in many varieties. We havce all seen huge sunflower blooms on tall plants but it can come in the dwarf variety with small flowers best suited for pots. Choose what is best for your garden.

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden Sunflower

Portulaca and Purslane

Season: Summer

Portulaca and purslane are one of the best summer plants in India. They require very less care and thrive in the full sun. The flowers come in various bright shades. You can just go for the yellow ones. A pot full of bright yellow flowers will pep up your mood anytime.


Season: Best in Summer

Bougainvillea is best suited for the full sunlight of the summers. Get one with yellow blooms and it will brighten up your gardening space like magic.
Water and fertilize it as per its needs and you do not have much to worry about pests.

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden bougainvillea

Yellow Amaryllis

Season: Best in Summer

Amaryllis is popularly grown as a spring and summer bulb in India.Its bright and big flowers are very attractive. Amaryllis lilies usually come in  red, white and pink with new hybrid bulbs being introduced every year.
The yellow coloured amaryllis is definitely one you will enjoy having in your garden.

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden amaryllis

Rain lily

Season: Monsoon and summer, light flowering in winter

Rain lilies are primarily monsoon flowers but will also bloom in summers if it gets a few showers. Rain lilies are small plants with grass like foliage. Its bulbs are quite small in size so it is planted in groups as ground covers and beds. Rain lilies bloom together after getting some rain, making it a very pretty sight.


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Yellow Water Lily

Season: Best in Summer, light flowering throughout the year

Yellow water-lily, brandy-bottle, or spadderdock is a species of water lily that is more commonly found around Europe, Africa and western Asia and in the North America. It has been a source of diet for many cultures.
Spadderdocks can be grown at home gardens in small ponds and gamlas. It starts to bloom from the early summer until the monsoon in India.

Perennials with yellow blooms 


Hibiscus can have the nicest yellow flowers. It can be full yellow, with shades of white; yellow with a red, pink or maroon center. Its shades can vary from pastel to sunny to shade of sandalwood. It comes in single and double petalled varieties. With hibiscus you have so many to choose from.

Hibiscus tends to bloom less in winters but if you get a good quality hybrid, it will give you blooms throughout the year.


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Ixoras can have long-lasting yellow flowers. Go for a dwarf variety suitable for pots. The plant has big clusters of tiny flowers that last for a long time.
In India, Ixora may give you flowers all year long if it gets full sunlight and the required warmth.

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies have been a common sight all over India growing wildly in wet open fields. But these varieties have tall foliage and need to be grown in the soil where they would propagate and occupy a cgood area of the garden. However, the hybrid varieties are excellent for small pots.

New varieties of Calla lilies look gorgeous with their rich colours. Best of all, they will grow throughout the year. They like cool, moist weather and with proper care can also be grown indoors.

Yellow Sand Verbena and Lantana

Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden a

Verbenas and lantanas do well in pots and small gardens. Yellow Sand Verbena has beautiful yellow flowers that attract honeybees. These plants starts to flower from the end of winter till autumn.
Verbena and lantana similar and are easy to grow plants needing little care.

Gulmohar/ Krishnachura/ Radhachura

One of the most breathtaking trees you will ever see is the Gulmohar laden with blooms. Gulmohar is called by different names depending upon the colour of its blooms- Radhachura for yellow and Krishnachura for the orange. These trees once planted, paint the area with their flowers. Although it gives most flowers in summer, it can remain in bloom all throughout the year if it gets sunlight.

Golden Champa

The Sonchampa or Golden Magnolia is one of India’s most treasured flowers. Considered a very rare and holy flower, its fragrance is peerless.

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Golden Shower Tree

The Cassia Fistula, more commonly known as the Golden Shower Tree is truly a tree to die for. When in bloom, the whole foliage gets laden by golden yellow blooms. Its hanging flowers create a magical environment, also attracting many birds, butterflies and bees.

This tree blooms primarily in the summer. It is the state plant of Kerala. Golden Shower tree has been grown for thousands of years in India in royal gardens and parks.


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Yellow Oleander

Oleander are hardy perennials which were very popular in the homes and gardens of India. Every home had an oleander plant and its flowers were used for worship.

Oleander do great as borders. They can survive hot and dry weather. The desi varieties keep flowering for decades. These come in yellow, white, pink and reddish hues. The flowers attract many small birds like the sunbird along with bees.


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