10+ Best Plant Gifts for Plant Lovers and Gardeners

Best Plant Gifts

Namaskar Desi Gardeners. If you have a friend or colleague who is a plant lover and who you have to give the Best Plant Gifts, do not just go for regular gifts. Put some thought into it because a plant lover will always appreciate something alive and green. For a gardener, it is never too much when it comes to flowers. Here is a list of some of the best gifts for plant lovers and gardeners.

The best thing is, instead of spending your notes on something common, gift these because they will stay for a long time and will remind of you. Plus, you just made our world a little more green.

Live plant
Gardening kit
Planters and containers
Seed packs and Flower bulbs
Cut Flowers, Bouquets and Cuttings
Garden Fountains
Bird feeders
Flower or nature-themed items
Garden lights

10+ Best Plant Gifts for Plant Lovers and Gardeners 

1. Bonsai

Everyone loves a bonsai. Even people who are not interested in gardening also get enticed by the bonsai. A bonsai is a tree or plant that has been reduced from its regular size to a houseplant. Or even a desk plant.

Bonsai as the Best Plant Gifts is very classy. It is a living gift and thing of beauty. Creating a bonsai takes years. Sometimes it can take even ten to fifteen years to create the perfect one.

Bonsai making is an art and the Japanese have been the practitioners of this art form for a long time. Bonsai making has also been popular in some countries in South East Asia. For the monks, the making of a bonsai  was like a ‘tapasya’, an asceticism to be practiced and given attention to for years.

Nowadays, bonsais are popular all over the world. In India, bonsais typically sell from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. The cost of a bonsai depends upon the type of plant, the age, the shape and the effort put into it.

Sometimes, the price of the special bonsais can go higher up to a few lakhs. You can easily get a bonsai online, there are many online portals. If buying from local nursery, check well before you buy.

Best Plant Gifts

2. Live plant in an attractive pot

Gifting a live plant is as good as giving a bonsai. However, what makes live plants the best gifts for plant lovers and gardeners is that you have more choice. You can choose a flowering plant or a houseplant. You can go for fruiting plants also. This way you also have more variation in your budget.

Some plants like perennials, will stay forever. Then again, gifting someone a hibiscus or rose is a beautiful way to remind him of you.

Live plants can be purchased from local nurseries or online. You can buy one or more plants. You get to set your own budget from Rs. 10 to Rs. 5000 or more.

Some plants like aloe vera, lucky bamboo and Song of India are very easy to care for. It can be gifted to anyone.

Things to note while buying a plant – buy from a place you trust and check the plant if it looks healthy. Depending on the size of the plant, you can wrap it or put ribbons around it to make it look like the Best Plant Gifts. Make sure to put a little water on the pot so that the plant stays healthy until you give it.

Best Plant Gifts

3. Gardening kit: Home Plant Gifts

Gardening kits make a most useful Home Plant Gifts. A garden kit can typically consist of seeds, potting soil, garden tools etc. Basically, it is an assortment of gardening needs.

Gardening kits are available in different types which makes it the best gifts for plant lovers and gardeners. A beginner’s garden kit with a seed starter pack is a great present for someone new to gardening. You can give a kitchen gardening kit that contains seeds and items for herbs that can be grown in windowsills or in a balcony. Flower seed kits are sold depending on the season.

One garden kit you must buy is the kid’s gardening kit. It is perfect educational and practical tool for children that teaches them about growing plants at an early age. These tools will have small pots, seeds, soil, small watering can and more.

4. Planters and containers: Home Plant Gifts

Gardening is not only a hobby but the practice of an art. It involves aesthetics and horticulture. Every gardener in a way wants his garden to look better and better. Beautiful pots, planters, and containers always enhance the look of a garden. Undoubtedly some of best gifts for plant lovers and gardeners are beautiful containers.

Planters, pots, and containers come in all shapes and sizes. These come in materials ranging from clay, terracotta, plastic, ceramic, and metal. Hanging pots look very decorative, especially with beautiful chains and macramé hangers.

Planters can also be paired with stands. For gifting purposes, choose ceramic pots are a good option. Sometimes these come painted or with mosaic decoration.

5. Seed packs and Flower bulbs

People who practice gardening as a hobby welcome every opportunity of getting a new plant. If you want to gift something useful, get good quality seeds and bulbs. Like gardening kits, these are available as seasonal packs, like summer garden seeds or summer bulbs; winter seeds and bulbs. You can also get specific packs like orchids, adeniums, succulents, vegetable and fruits.

6. Succulents: Small Plant Gifts

Small Plant Gifts

Succulents are easy to maintain Small Plant Gifts as they require very less care. The correct soil and little watering will keep them around for years. That is why succulents are one of the most gifted plants.

While buying succulents keep in mind whether you want to avoid too thorny plants. Go for succulents that have no or almost no thorns, like the aloe vera or adenium. Some of these succulents look amazingly beautiful, making them great presents.

7. Cut Flowers, Bouquets and Cuttings

Of course every plant lover will love a present of cut flowers and bouquets. A bouquet of roses will always win over someone’s heart. Later you might also see your gardener friend trying to propagate those very roses from the bouquet! Jokes apart, yes cut flowers and bouquets are always the Best Plant Gifts.

Along with that remember that every gardener appreciates free plants. So if you have cuttings to spare from your garden, there is nothing like it.

8. Garden Fountains

Garden fountains take the garden to the next level. The soft sound of flowing water creates a paradise attracting not only people but also birds, bees, and butterflies.

Garden fountains nowadays come in very handy sizes. These are suitable for balcony and terrace. These fountains can also be used a decor items in the courtyard to welcome the guests.

Garden fountains also come in solar. This makes it very easy to function without the hassle of wires and electric connection. Birds absolutely love this kind of fountain. To use this all you need is a ‘gamla’ of water. Decorate it as much you want!

9. Bird feeders

Plant lovers get enamored when birds visit their garden. That is why many gardeners set up small bird feeders. Bird feeders are easily available online. Feeding birds will not only create more beauty around us but also help the ecology.

10. Flower or nature themed items

If you are looking for a different kind of present, you go for flower or nature themed presents. These can be natural or printed. There is a huge range of such items. You can gift nature themed jewellery, suit pins or special edition pens and watches.

Flower and nature themed crockery is also available. You can also go for bags, tops and even linen. Flower pressed coasters and cards made of actual flowers also make awesome presents.

Garden lights

Garden lights come in all shape and sizes and these make another Best Plant Gifts for a gardener.

The bottom line is, there is more than one way and place to get the Best Plant Gifts for plant lovers and gardeners. So go ahead and make him or her happy!


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