Flowering Perennial Plants You Can Easily Grow in Indian Garden

Flowering Perennial Plants You Can Easily Grow in Indian Garden

Namaskar Desi Gardeners. We get our garden plants as per the seasons but the ones that stay year after year are called perennials. There are many benefits of having perennial plants. Once planted, they will keep on growing and flowering without the hassle of getting and potting those every year. Perennials usually get stronger and well established with time.

In India, there are many perennial plants that you can grow even in a small space like a balcony. With a little pruning every year, these plants will stay in shape without much care.

Easy to grow Perennial Plants for a Small Indian garden
Perennial Creepers and Climbers

Easy to grow Perennial Plants for a Small Indian garden 


Go for the hybrid variety of hibiscus. These perennial plants do not get too big. With pruning you can keep the height of plant within 3 feet and it will give you lots of flowers all throughout the year.  Desi variety of hibiscus tend to grow taller so choose according to your space.


There are hundreds of varieties of roses out there. With a little research you can choose the rose cultivar that is best for your space. Get a good quality grafted rose that will stay for years. You can choose small-sized button roses to climbing ones and so many more. Roses make one of the best perennial plants. However hybrid rose plants need a little knowledge and extra care. With time and practice, it becomes easy to grow healthy rose plants.

Flowering Perennial Plants You Can Easily Grow in Indian Garden

Confederate Rose / Sthalpadma

Although Confederate Roses do best in soil, it is possible to grow in a 10-inch pots. These are closely related to the hibiscus. The flowers and leaves both give a great look to the garden.

Confederate Roses tend to grow big. To keep in size, hard prune once a year.


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Oleander / Kaner / Karobi

Oleanders are the most carefree perennial plants. They grow even in poor soil and in drought. Oleanders in pots will grow around 4 feet. Keep it trimmed for shape. Oleander sap is toxic to humans and pets. The good thing is, they attract bees which is very useful for the environment. Also small birds like sunbirds come to the flowers for the nectar.

Powder Puff / Calliandra

Calliandra, more commonly known as the Powder puff is one of the prettiest perennial plants you will ever have. They are hardy and perfect for Indian climate. These plants grow well in 8 to 10 inch pots. They bloom almost throughout the year, resting only in very cold winters.

How I take care of my Calliandra Powder Puff Plant

Jasmine (Beli, tagar, mogra etc.)

There are many varieties of jasmine available in the nurseries. Some of these are white jasmine, pinwheel (Tagar), summer, Arabian (Juin), dwarf, star, night-blooming, pink jasmine and more! India is best suited for growing jasmines. Jasmines grow best in soil but do equally well in pots.

Gardenia / Gandharaj

Just like jasmines, Gardenia is a great plant to have for years. Heavenly fragrant like the jasmine, it can be grown in pot but does best when grown in the ground. Be careful about watering. Overwatering will rot its roots but under watering will not give good flowering.

Ixora / Rangan

Ixora is one of the most popularly grown perennials in India. They do great as hedges when kept in shape. Ixora is a hardy plant that will grow even in poor soil. It does not shy from full day summer sunlight. However its regular watering and fertilization will give you big, colourful blooms. Go for the dwarf varieties if you are planning to grow in pots.

Desi Marigold

Usually marigold plants do not survive beyond winter as they are hybrids. Go for desi seeds or plants if you get. These will survive the summer and monsoon and also keep on giving some flowers. Its flowers are generally small and grow somewhat bushy like wild flowers.

Crossandra / Firecracker flower / Kanakambara

Kanakambaram, also known as the Firecracker flower, is very popular in southern parts of India. The flowers are very bright and beautiful and attracts bees and butterflies. Crossandra is one of the best flowering perennial plants that you can grow in your garden. It comes in orange, pink and yellow.


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 Bleeding Heart

A very pretty flowering plant, this is a soft wooded perennial. This plant does well in partial shade. During its dormant season in cold winters, it drops its leaves but with the arrival of March, it starts to flower again till September in India.

Shooting Star / Neel Tagar

Shooting star is a beautiful purple hued flower. In the market it is sometimes sold as Neel Tagar. It flowers almost throughout the year, slowing down in winters. It does well in shade also.

Succulents like Kalanchoe and Adenium

There are many succulent plants that will stay for years. Some of these are kalanchoe, adenium, begonia and euphorbia. These come in different shades. Once planted, these flowering perennial plants will keep on growing and give you more plants every year.

Flowering Perennial Plants You Can Easily Grow in Indian Garden

Perennial Creepers and Climbers 

Aparajita / Clitoria ternatea

Aparajita is considered one of the most auspicious flowers. This vine is also known as Asian pigeonwings, bluebell vine and blue pea. It flowers are unique in their shape. The colours of Aparajita are also very eye-catching and makes a great home plant.


Brightest Yellow Flowers to grow in an Indian Garden Allamanda

Mandevilla is one of the best flowering perennial plants for the garden. It comes in beautiful shades of yellow, red, pink and white. It goes to dormancy in winter but with the change of season will grow back with lush green leaves and bright blooms.



Allamanda vine looks quite similar to Mandevilla and flowers profusely. As a young plant it can be trimmed to give it a bushy shape.



Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper, popularly known as Madhumalati is one of those flowering perennials that have been grown in Indian gardens for hundreds of years. It is also known for its fragrance. The flowers grow in bunches and the plant is quite hardy. Once planted, it will stay for years and fully cover up any wall which it is allowed to rise.

Passion flower / Rakhi Flower/ Jhumkalata

Passion flower is one plant every gardener must have. This is one of those perennial plants that will amaze you with their beautiful flowers. The vine is easy to grow in pots or in soil and will stay for many years. This flower has been a part of the Indian culture since ages. It is considered an auspicious flower is related to the character of the Mahabharata. In many parts of India, the flower is used as Rakhi, hence the name Rakhi flower. Passion flower comes in beautiful shades of blue, red, white and pink.


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