The Best Beautiful Blue Flowers in India That Gardeners Can Grow


Namaskar, Desi Gardeners. As you may know, blue is an uncommon color in nature. While we enjoy the beautiful blue sky above, down below Beautiful Blue Flowers are comparatively rarer.

Pollinators will have more affinity for conspicuous flowers in red, yellow, and orange. White flowers are generally more fragrant than its colored fellows. While violet and purple are not uncommon, true blue flowers could be a bit hard to find.

Here I will tell you about the most Blue Flowers Name in India that you can find. I have left out many blue flowers which I feel are not easy to find and grow in India. Let us be practical. It is difficult to find flowers growing in Europe in our local market. Even if we do, it is not an easy task to grow in our warmer climate.

I have mentioned some hybrid flowers that have been developed in the blue hue, and it should be easy to find in big nurseries.

Beautiful Blue Flowers Plant One Can Grow in Indian Garden

1. Aparajita

This is the most common face of the Beautiful Blue Flowers Plant in India. Aparajita (Clitoria ternatea) is known by many names – Asian pigeon wings, bluebell vine, blue pea, butterfly pea, cordofan pea and also Neelkantha.

Beautiful Blue Flowers

A holy flower of the Hindus, the Neelkantha or Aparajita is offered to Lord Shiva and to the Goddess during a puja. It is believed that this Beautiful Blue Flowers was once found only in the heavenly abode, and it was brought and plant on earth by Guru Shukracharya.

Aparajita is a vine which can be easily grown in pots or soil. It is an easy plant to grow and since it is native (desi) plant, it is resistant to many pests. However hybrid varieties can be more easily affected.

Aparajita comes in single and double petal. While the blue color is most common, you can also get Aparajita in white. You can also get in shades of pink and violet. You can grow it from seeds or get in the nursery for Rs. 50 to Rs. 80.

2. Nilmani Lata

Nilmani Lata is also known as Purple wreath or Sandpaper Vine. Although it is said to be originally from Central America, this climber is commonly found in nurseries across India.

Nilmani Lata looks stunning with its purple and blue blooms. It is also used for creating shapes in the garden. The flowers of this plant are a beautiful shade of purple but the bracts are blue. Once it blooms, the blue bracts stay for weeks. Undoubtedly this is one of the best blue flowers to own in our garden.

3. Jhumka Lata/ Rakhi flower

Jhumka Lata (Passion flower) is one of the most spectacular creations of Mother Nature. Its unique structure and look is like no other.

Jhumka Lata/ Rakhi flower

Passion Flower is a very easy to grow vine in our desi gardens and this is the definitely the blue flower every desi gardener must have. Passion flower comes in many colours like red, blue, maroon, violet and white and some mixed colours. It is commonly available in the nursery costing an average of Rs. 80 to Rs. 120.

4. Morning Glory

Morning Glories are so common in India that we even see these growing by itself on the roadside. The Beautiful Blue Flowers of this plant have a brilliant blue colour and as the name says, it starts to bloom since early morning.

Morning Glory

It is an easy to grow and hassle free plant. Make a small trellis to support its vine.

Along with the beautiful blue, morning glory also comes in beautiful shades of pinks and purples. Even in blue, you can see flowers of a stunning lighter blue colour or deep blue shades.

5. Orchid

If you are an orchid lover, then you already know that orchids have their own gorgeous world of colours and blue is one of them.


Although blue orchids can be the best blue flowers for your garden, orchids require a lot of care and knowledge.

6. Water lily

A blue water lily makes me stop my breath. Its beauty is surreal. For those who do not know, water lilies are different from the lotus.

Lotus is kamal or padma whereas water lily is called Jal kumudini (जल कुमुदिनी ) or shapla. Both bloom in the water and look similar but there are many differences between the two.

Water lily

Water lilies can be easily grown in the garden in a small pond or gamla with the right knowledge and care. Water lilies come in various colours like pink, red and white but it is the blue one that stands apart.

7. Petunia


Most gardeners know about the popular petunia. We get a deep blue shade of petunia easily in the nursery. With proper sunlight and fertilizer, the beautiful petunias will bloom a lot in your summers.

8. Zinnia

Zinnia is another summer flower that comes in various colors. Most of the zinnias that we get are hybrid varieties.


Zinnias come in light, medium and deep blue shades amongst more colours. It is easy to grow and could be one of the best blue flowers for your garden.

9. Gerbera


Most gerberas that we get in the market, like zinnias, are of hybrid varieties. Gerberas also come in blue hue but you may have to go the bigger nurseries or flower markets to buy one. You can seeds of blue gerbera online.

10. Sweet Blue Flowers: Blue Rose

Blue Roses are the Sweet Blue Flowers and they are not found naturally. It is a hybrid variety cultivated by horticulturists. This shade of rose of rose is not very easy to find in nurseries. Blue rose is costlier than other rose varieties. Here is one I found online.

If you get a Blue rose it definitely will be the jewel of your garden.


Hydrangea is one flower that is getting quite easy to get nowadays in the nurseries. Hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous flowers with large sized blooms.

Hydrangeas attract a lot of butterflies and bees and it is definitely one of the best blue flowers to grow in your garden. However, this Beautiful Blue Flowers will require the right amount of fertilizer and sunlight to maintain its bright blue blooms.

12. Verbena

A common seasonal flower, you can easily get a plant within Rs. 100. Although most verbenas come in purple or violet, go for the blue variety. The royal blue verbena flowers are a pretty sight.

13. Nila Chitrak

Nila Chitrak or Plumbago will grow well in full sunlight and fertile but well draining soil. The flowers of plumbago have a unique shade of washed blue.

This plant can be kept outdoor as well as indoor and with the right care grows fast and blooms profusely making it one of the best Beautiful Blue Flowers. Its branches are semi hard and more vine like, so it can be shaped into a beautiful plant.

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