Types of Lilies for Your Garden (with Pictures)

Types of Lilies for Your Garden

Namaskar Desi Gardeners. There is a world that belongs to the lilies. Searching for the types of lilies, what we get is a multitude of colour, pattern and fragrance. Since I started my lily journey with a handful of amaryllis, I have been down the magic hole to the Lilies in Wonderland!

Here is a collection of various types of lilies from around the globe. The best part is, lilies can be grown almost anywhere with the right care.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden

#1 Asiatic Lily

The Asiatic Lily is one of the most popular lilies grown around the world. It is easy to grow year after year. The blooms are gorgeous and stay for weeks.

Asiatics comes in many colours in deep and light shades, but they lack fragrance. Asiatics propagate frequently from its bulbs so new plants are growing every year. In India, it grows best from October to March.

It is easy to get Asiatic Lily bulbs online in India at Rs. 40 to 80. Local nurseries may or may not have a stock of it. In my experience, local nurseries in the winters sell plants rather than its bulbs. Then each plant may be sold at more than Rs. 150.


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#2 Oriental Lily

Oriental Lilies are like the bigger and fragrant versions of the Asiatics. Among all types of lilies, Oriental lilies are known for their fragrance and big blooms. These were bred in Japan and are considered as the essence of purity. Oriental lilies flower in the winter season of India and usually after the Asiatics are done. The plants can grow tall, sometimes more than 4 feet tall. The bulbs will grow and multiply every year.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Oriental

Oriental Lily bulbs are more difficult to find in local nurseries. There are many online resources that sell good quality Oriental lily bulbs.

#3 Trumpet Lily

Trumpet Lilies are one of the biggest blooms out there growing up to 10 inches long. The plants would grow up to an average of 5 feet high. So, if you decide to plant them, make sure you have support.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Trumpet Lily

Trumpet Lilies are easy to grow and have a fragrance. Multiple flowers bloom in one stalk and need full sun to bloom best. Its bulbs are very difficult to find in Indian market and most of the sold are imported.

#4 Orienpet Lily

The Orionpet or OT Hybrid is created by interbreeding two different types of lilies – the Oriental and Trumpet. This has resulted in a new plant with the best qualities of both.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Orienpet

The Orienpet Lily plant grows tall as the Trumpet but has the gorgeous fragrant blooms of the Oriental. Naturally, the Orienpet flowers are bigger and more attractive making it a popular choice among gardeners.

#5 Eucharis / Amazon Lily

The Amazon Lily is known for its deep green foliage and pure white blossoms. Looking similar to the daffodils with fragrance, Eucharis is among those types of lilies that is grown around the world.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - eucharis Amazon lily

As the name says, the plant is native to the Amazon rainforest of South America. Amazon Lily does well in shade and semi shade as as well as indoors. Its bulbs are easily available in online nurseries and stores.

#6 Aztec / Jacobean Lily

This plant stands different from all the types of lilies. Aztec lily (Sprekelia formosissima) has tender shoots and the petals of the flower are slim and deepest of reds. The flowers are big and attractive. Scientifically this Mexican native is not a ‘true lily’, although is called and grown all around the world as a typical lily plant.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Aztec lily

Aztec Lily bulbs in India can cost between Rs. 100 to 200. You can grow these lilies all throughout the year.

#7 Amaryllis / Belladona / Hippeastrum Lily

Gardeners in India are quite familiar with this plant. Among all the different types of lilies, amaryllis is one of the easiest to find and grow in India. There are many varieties of amaryllis – each more gorgeous than the other. Amaryllis flowers have a faint graceful fragrance.

Amaryllis can be grown all throughout the season although some growers prefer the summers. New bulblets grow out from the mother bulb every year, giving new plants.

Amaryllis is easily available in the nurseries. However, there are many hybrid cultivars that are not available through select stores.


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#8 Zephyranthes / Rain Lily

Rain Lilies are the best plants for the monsoon. Among all the types of lilies, this has some of the smallest bulbs. The foliage is grass-like and as soon as the rain pours, rain lilies start to bloom generously.

Rain lilies propagate fast from their bulbs and seeds. The flowers usually come in pink, yellow and white but new hybrid varieties are available un the market in multiple shades of red, orange and peach.

Rain lily: Step by step guide from sowing to flowering


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 #9 Football / May Lily

It blooms best in the month of May, hence the name. Football liles have big bright red balls of flowerheads that are very attractive. The blooms are also attractive to bees, butterflies, and small birds.

Football Lily is easy to grow and every year, it also gives birth to bulblets. Originally from Africa, it does great in Indian climate. Its bulbs are sold in many nurseries and online stores.


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 #10 Day Lily

Another example of a not ‘true lily’ yet gardeners have lovingly called and grown it as a lily. Daylilies have beautiful blooms like the other types of lilies. These come in hundreds of colours and shades.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Day lily

Day lily is called a carefree perennial. Once it starts blooming, it will continue to do so throughout the summer. These plants are quite pest resistant. What sets apart Daylilies from the other types of lilies is that it will bloom more than once, throughout summer. True lilies bloom only once during the season, with one or many flowers in one stalk.

#11 Calla lily

Calla Lily, among other types of lilies, is also not a ‘true lily’. Calla lilies have unique and stunning blooms. Best of all, they will grow almost everywhere.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Calla lily

Calla Lily bulbs are available in online nurseries and every garden must have one of these plants.

#12 Canna Lily

Cannas are very popular in India. These plants can also be seen growing freely in fields.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Canna lily

Canna lilies make great borders, can be used as fencing due to their tall foliage. Easy to grow, it keeps on multiplying on its own. The blooms are very bright and attract many birds and butterflies.

#13 Gloriosa / Flame Lily

Flame lilies vary from other types of lilies due to their unique shape and colour. The delicate thin petals resemble the red and yellow part of a fire flame. It is a climbing plant, which is rare among lilies.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Gloriosa Flame lily

Gloriosas need full sunlight and well drained, rich soil. It does very well in Indian climate and its plants are popularly sold in nurseries.

#14 Nerine Lily

Nerine Lilies are South African natives that do very well in Indian climate. The lily plants bloom in full white, red or orange with beautiful, delicate petals. These lovely flowers make a great garden bed..

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Nerine lily

Nerine lilies require rich moist soil and do not tolerate too cold winters. Its bulbs are relatively easy to find in nurseries in India.

#15 Easter / Bermuda Lily

Easter lilies have been used in Easter decorations, hence the name. The milky white lilies grace a divine beauty with fragrance. Easter Lilies are usually white while some also come in pink.

Easter Lilies do their best outdoors but can also be grown indoors.

Different Types of Lilies to Grow in your Garden - Easter Bermuda lily

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