Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden

Namaskar Desi Gardeners. Let’s talk about the flower bulbs that will jazz up your garden. But first, what is a bulb in a plant? How is it different from seed? Do all plants have it?

What are flower bulbs? 

The most common bulb plant we know of is the onion and garlic. The onion is basically a stem that has modified. The shells of the onions are fleshy leaves that store food for the plant.

Bulbs are food storage for a plant. Some plants have adapted so that they can store food under the ground. That way they can survive the dormant season.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden

Growing below the bulb are roots of the plant. Above it is the stem and leaf that look like a normal plant.

In botany, plants with are classified as monocotyledon and dicotyledon genus. From a gardener’s point, plants can grow from both seeds and bulbs but bulbs are always under the soil. Plants with bulbs are easier to grow from bulb than seed.

Underground food in plants is called bulbs, tubers and corms. For simplicity all are commonly called bulbs by gardeners.

For the garden, flower bulbs are a great collection. Magnificent flowers like the dahlia, tulip and most of the lilies grow from bulbs. In fact, it is comparatively easier to grow a plant from bulb than seeds.

Bulbs can be stored after harvest and repotted the next year. These do not require much fertilizer. At the time of potting or during the start of the season, add compost, bone meal and potash and the plants grow on their own without much attention.

Best Bulbs to Fill Your Garden with Gorgeous Flowers 


We have seen the wallpapers and post cards of beautiful tulip gardens in Holland. There is the the famous tulip garden in Srinagar. As you might have guessed, tulips need cool to cold weather.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Tulip

There are hundreds of varieties of tulips in almost every colour. Luckily some hybrid varieties are coming to the market that can be grown in Indian climate.

Tulips need a lot of care and because these are mostly imported, cost more. But the beauty of the tulip is worth it, isn’t it?

Amaryllis Lily

Among some of the lilies, the amaryllis is one of the easiest flower bulbs to grow. It is a gorgeous flower that blooms in groups in one stem.

Amaryllis comes in many colours and shades. It grows during the early summer and start blooming throughout the season throughout the monsoon till September.

Usually a plant that bloomed once may not bloom again but the beautiful long leaves add beauty to the garden.

But a group of bulbs and plant them nearby with some gap. After flowering some bulbs multiply to create newer ones.


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 Rajanigandha (Tuberose)

The flower that grows from a tuber and smells like a rose, the Tuberose or Rajanigandha is one of the most common flowers found in the bazaar’s flower shop. But to get its tuber or bulb, you need to visit your nursery.

Rajanigandha is a plant that blooms at night. It comes in single and double petals. Rajanigandhas bloom best in summers. If taken the right care, it can grow all through the year, except the winters.

Make sure you get good quality mature bulbs otherwise it may not bloom or take too long.


Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Gladiolus

Plant a few gladiolus bulbs and enjoy the beauty when it blooms. The long colourful clusters of flowers also attract birds, butterflies and bees.


No words needed for the queen of the winters. If a Dahlia blooms, it will have no competition.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Dahlia

A word of advice, grow dahlias from bulbs instead of seeds, it will have more chance of success. You can easily get dahlia flower bulbs from the nursery.


A smaller variety of lily, freesia is a beautiful flower to grace your garden. You can grow Freesia in that portion of your garden where it is shaded.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Freesia

Freesia will colour your garden and after blooming, spread its seeds and grow into more plants. It may not be easily available in your nursery.


Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Ranunculus

The beauty of Ranunculus makes a rose feel insecure!

Good quality ranunculus are hard to find in local nurseries sometimes. Most of these bulbs are imported. It may cost you more but I guarantee this beauty is worth it.

Football Lily


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Football Lily, Ball Lily, Bllod Lily, May Lily, Powderpuff lily… the list of names go on. This is a one-of-a-kind flower!

From the bulb along with a few leaves sprouts the stem which holds a cluster of short flower stocks that look like a big red football. It is gorgeous and when it blooms, it becomes the center of attraction of the garden.

Usually this flower blooms in May. The bulb gives birth to a pup after the flowering season, so you get a new plant too.

Football lily is commonly found in deep red. Some newer varieties of pink and orange may also be found in the nurseries.


In India, we have seen Canna Lily growing wildly beside lakes and canals. Its bright green foliage and flowers make it look spectacular.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Canna lily

Canna lily is becoming popular as a houseplant as it can grow easily from flower bulbs. Hybrid varieties are available that grow and bloom in a pot easily.

The big bright flowers of the Canna lily attract bees, butterflies and small birds. The plant propagated through its rhizome (similar to bulb) easily. You can get a several colours of this plant for your garden.

Crocus and Saffron

Crocus is a beautiful cup like flower that grows close to the ground cover. The colours of the crocus are very soothing and rich.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Crocus

Saffron Believe it or not, you can grow saffron at home! Although it may not be an easy job because saffron needs a particularly cool climate like Kashmir where it is mostly grown. But with care, you may be able to get your own saffron at home. Saffron comes from a type of crocus called the Crocus sativus. The threads of saffron that we use are the stigma and style of the flower.

Dolan Champa/ Butterfly Ginger Lily

The milky white flowers of Dolon Champa are full of heavenly fragrance. Personally I like its fragrance even more than jasmine.

Dolon Champa is hard to kill plant and it survives even with the slightest care. Its ginger-like bulbs keep on spreading creating more plants.

The plant usually flowers in the summer and monsoon season of India.

You can also get hybrid variety of this plant with yellow or coloured flowers. If you listen to me, go with the desi variety of pure white which has the best smell. It blooms at late evening or night and its fragrance uplifts my whole home!


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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a beautiful plant with fragrant flowers. Its small bell shaped flowers are milky white and full of feminine grace.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Lily of the Valley

This bulbous plant grows well in moist soil in warm shaded areas. It is popularly grown as a ground bed.
Lily of the Valley is one of the best flower bulbs that you can get for your outdoor, balcony or indoor garden.

Asiatic lily

It is said that among all the lilies, the Asiatic Lily is the easiest to bloom. I have had no experience with this flower yet but I will surely give a post if I grow this one.

Asiatic Lilies require very less care. The blooms are big and attractive in vibrant red, orange and yellow. These lilies can survive in less or more sunlight, making it one of the best flower bulbs to have.


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Gloriosa Lily / Flame Lily

The Gloriosa’s fiery red flower with a yellow base resembles a flame. No wonder the Gloriosa is also called the Flame lily.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Gloriosa

The Gloriosa has soft stems that can reach a few metres long. It is a good flower to have for the summers.
This plant is also known to have many medicinal benefits.

Lycoris / Spider lily

Lycoris is a plant with many interesting names like the red magic lily, equinox flower, hurricane lily, resurrection lily and spider lily. It looks similar to the Football Lily. This flower is closely related to Japanese beliefs and customs.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Spider lily

Lycoris looks great when many plants are put together as a ground cover. It needs a few hours of direct sunlight to bloom well.

Spider Lily usually comes as red. However new hybrid varieties in pink and blue are also coming up.

Ixia / African corn lily

The Ixia wand flower has a bunch of pretty flowers growing on a stem. In India the best season to grow these flower bulbs is the pre-winter so that you get the blooms when winter arrives.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Ixia

Daffodil / Narcissus

The gorgeous daffodil is not only wonderful to look at, it also attracts many pollinators. Daffodils are most common in yellow and white. Hybrids with more colours are also being sold in the market.

Daffodils look good as border and beds. The more flowers, the prettier it looks.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Daffodil

Daffodils have had a place in European culture and literature for their beauty and brightness.

You can get daffodils flower bulbs from your nursery, it may be priced at Rs.50 to 200 per bulb depending on the variety and your location or you can get it online.

Rain lily

Zephyranthes or commonly called the Rain lily is a small sized variety that grows best as a ground cover. The leaves look like long grass. The best part is that rain lilies hardly need any care and when those bloom, the sight will take your breath away.

Rain lilies only bloom during the monsoon after a heavy downpour. The flowers bloom for a day or two and then turn into a pod with black seeds. Collect the seeds and plant it and new plants will come out easily. These seeds keep on spreading from the plants and soon from a few plants and bulbs you have hundreds of it.

Rain lily comes in bright pink, yellow, white and magenta. Always remember to put a handful of plants or seeds in one pot as these look better when grown densely.


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 Eucharis Lily

Eucharis or Amazon Lily, is a beautiful white flower that looks similar to the daffodil. Its flower is large and long lasting.

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Eucharis Lily

Best of all, the Eucharis lily has a beautiful scent that will fill your garden.


Tritonia is a bulbous plant which grows flowers in spikes. The flowers come in red, pink, orange and such bright colours.

Plant Tritonia bulbs in full sunlight and make sure the water drains well. Tritonia, like rain lilies and others, come back every year. However it is not so commonly found in nurseries.

Water Lily

Best Flower Bulbs to Grow in Your Garden Water lily

We all know about the amazing water lily that looks so similar to the lotus. Water lilies are not very difficult to grow with some water and mud. Nowadays smaller varieties are also available that can be grown in pots or gamlas.



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