Most Beautiful Flower Garden in Kolkata

Flower Garden in Kolkata

Namaskar Desi Gardeners! Amidst skyscrapers and blazing horns, the city has stunning gardens which are a breather to her citizens. Have a look at some of the most beautiful Flower Garden in Kolkata.

Flower Garden in Kolkata: Agri-Horticultural Society of India (AHSI)

Flower Garden in Kolkata

Like me if you love gardens and flowers, this is heaven in a word. It is the place where you would love to explore all day looking at ancient and rare trees and plants of almost every type that you know.

Agri-Horticultural Society of India (AHSI) celebrated its 200 years in 2020 with a grand International Rose Convention with dignitaries invited from several countries. It is the biggest such garden in Asia.

AHSI Horticulture Garden Kolkata was founded in 1820 by William Carey who was English missionary and anthropologist. He had spent major time of his life in India learning Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Marathi, Hindi, and Sanskrit and is credited to have translated the Ramayana to English. Being a passionate nature lover he founded the AHSI. He had also been in charge of the Botanical Gardens at Shibpur for some time.

For his enthusiasm the genus Careya in botany was named after him.

Most Beautiful Gardens In Kolkata AHSI

In AHSI, one can see the rarest flowers and plants not only of the Indian subcontinent but also from far-off places. There is the amazing baobab and orchid from Africa and the hard to find carnivorous plants. There is a separate section for succulents and orchids.

The area of AHSI is quite huge and very well maintained.  You can enjoy the view of the fountains or sit in the lawn. No doubt it is not only one of the most beautiful gardens in Kolkata but also in Asia.

Every year during the winter AHSI organizes its annual flower show which every nature lover must visit. You can buy exotic and rare plants along with fertilizers, planters or whatever you need for gardening. AHSI also offers training courses for horticultural courses, home gardening, succulent gardening etc.

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Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Flower Garden Kolkata

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Flower Garden Kolkata is named after the great philanthropic scientist of Kolkata. It is colloquially called Shibpur Botanical Gardens. It is spread on a huge area of 109 hectares making it one of the biggest in the world.

Of course the Botanical Garden is so wide spread with so many ancient trees and water bodies that it is like a mini-forest in itself. Migratory birds find their way here every winter.

Flower Garden in Kolkata

Botanical Garden is a popular spot for nature lovers, photographers and picnickers but it hold a special place in the hearts of garden loving people. Although it does not have manicured gardens and attractive layouts, it is the best way to enjoy trees and plants like one would do in a forest. It is easy to reach from the city, it is safe and it has thousands of plants. Some are so rare that one could only see those here.

The centuries old Banyan Tree here is a global asset. The garden has such a wide collection of plants that it is a blessing for mankind.

The best time to visit the Botanic Gardens is winter in Kolkata although it is difficult to cover the whole garden in a day.

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Victoria Memorial Gardens in Kolkata

Although most visitors recognize Victoria Memorial Gardens in Kolkata for its history and architecture, this building is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden area. It is situated in an area of 64 acres and is maintained by a team of expert gardeners. There are ponds and green lawns with horticultured hedges and flower laid paths.

Most Beautiful Gardens In Kolkata

Visit Victoria Memorial Gardens in the winter and you will see a wide collection of dahlias, marigold and chrysanthemums all around the building. There are several other plants and trees which attract many birds and bees. You can also spot herons and cormorants near the water bodies.

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New Town Eco Park

The New Town Eco Park in Kolkata is the biggest of its kind in India. Not only is it an oasis for the city’s people but also for the birds and other species.

Flower Garden in Kolkata

The Eco Park Flower Garden in Kolkata has beautiful gardens all around the park. Although the winters give the best show of the garden flowers yet it is a sight to behold all throughout the year. The area has been made like ecological zones with wetlands, grasslands and urban forest. The park has not one but several theme based gardens and work is still going on to make it one of the most picturesque gardens you will ever see.

The park is planning to create a wild flower meadow which will be a treat for urban dwellers.  The bamboo garden is planned to look like the oriental gardens of Japan. The park will also have open grasslands, tropical tree garden and a heliconia garden. For bonsai lover there is the one-of-a-kind bonsai garden. There is a separate greenhouse and butterfly garden also.

With plans of a tea garden and a cactus walk the New Town Eco Park is set to be a favourite destination for gardeners. Undoubtedly it is set to become one of the most beautiful gardens in Kolkata and also in India.

Eden Gardens Park

We all know about the prestigious Eden Gardens cricket stadium. But not many know that the stadium is named after the Eden Gardens Park.

Most Beautiful Gardens In Kolkata

Set beside the Fort Williams and Maidans, is the beautiful and peaceful Eden Gardens Park. It was established in 1841, long before the stadium was made. It is said that the park was founded and named after Lord Auckland Eden who was the Governor General of India. However some say that it was named after his sister Emily Eden who had an avid interest in flora and fauna.

The Eden Gardens Park is spread in about 50 acres with beautiful fountains well- laid gardens and big trees. It is maintained by the Forestry Division.

One of the most amazing things in this Flower Garden in Kolkata is the Burmese pagoda. This beautiful Pagoda is surrounded by water on all sides making it look more beautiful. The structure of the Pagoda has been brought from Prome, Myanmar and set there making the Eden Gardens Park a wonderful place to visit. 

There are many more beautiful garden areas in Kolkata like the Banabitan, Elliott Park and Rabindra Sarobar. Which is your favourite?

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